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High Performance Data Warehousing

Decision Support Systems And Expert Systems 

Expert Systems And Data Warehouses

Expert system is a term used very loosely in the computer community regarding anything from a spreadsheet program to any program containing an if statement. In general terms, an expert system models the well-structured decision process of the human mind and applies that reasoning process to a real-world situation. Any decision-making process with quantifiable rules can have the rules stored in an inference engine. An inference engine is used to drive the information-gathering component of a system, which eventually arrives at the solution to the problem.

It has been said that an expert system makes a decision for the user, while a decision support system makes a decision with the user. This distinction is essentially true, because an expert system makes no provision for human intuition in the decision-making process. Many real-world management decisions do not require human intuition, and the data warehouse can provide answers without end user input. For example, one of the crucial jobs of a retail manager is the choice of what goods to order, the quantity, and the ordering time frame. These decisions can be represented by a model called economic order quantity (EOQ). If the EOQ equation knows the speed at which the goods are leaving the retail store, the delivery time on reorders, the average time goods remain on the shelf, and the cost of the goods, the computer can confidently produce automatic daily reports specifying which goods to order and the appropriate quantity. Also, a DSS pre-summarizes data so the manager can quickly take a high-level look at the relevant figures (see Figure 1.14).

Figure 1.14 Defining different levels of aggregation.he analysis phase. For more information on this topic, see Chapter 3, Data Warehouse Analysis.

This is an excerpt from "High Performance Data Warehousing".

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