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High Performance Data Warehousing

Problem Solving For The Oracle Warehouse If we presume that the main goal of an Oracle data warehouse is to help management answer business questions, then we will need to have some insight into the types of questions that management may ask. For classification purposes, all of the queries against a data warehouse will fall into one of the following categories:

* Statistical analysis-- Computation of sums, averages, and correlations.

* Multivariate analysis--Comparing classes of database objects with each other to analyze patterns.

* Simulation and modeling--Using the data warehouse to validate a hypothesis.

* Forecasting--Using the warehouse to predict future values.

* Aggregation--Composing new objects from existing data structures.

Statistical Analysis And Oracle

In general, statistical analysis is one of the easiest to implement. Standard Oracle SQL can be used to calculate sums, averages, and aggregate values, and front-end statistical packages such as SAS and SPSS are also commonly used for this purpose. Statistical requests may include multivariate analysis, simulation and modeling, forecasting (linear regression), and aggregation.

This is an excerpt from "High Performance Data Warehousing". To learn more about Oracle, try "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference", by Donald K. Burleson.  You can buy it direct from the publisher at 30% off here:


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