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Using Object IDs (OIDs) in Oracle 8

Oracle Tips by Mike Ault


A SCOPE clause in a definition forces a set of REFs for a given column to be confined to a single object table. There can be only one REF clause for a given REF column. REF scope can be set at either the column or table level. REF values can be stored with ROWID or without ROWID. Storing a REF with a ROWID speeds dereferencing operations but takes more space. If the WITH ROWID is not specified with the REF clause, the default is to not store ROWIDs with the REF values. SCOPE clauses prevent dangling references as they will not allow REF values without the corresponding entries in the SCOPE table being present. REF columns can be added to nested tables by use of the ALTER TABLE command.

The VALUE routine returns the value of a REF call, much like the DEREF routine. Listing 3 shows the creation of an object type, a specification of an object table to hold the type instance and a second table that references the object table. Also shown are example operations with REF and DEFREF.

SQL> create type dept_t AS OBJECT
  2  (dname VARCHAR2(100),
  3  address VARCHAR2(200));
Type created.


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