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     Oracle Utilities Tips

SQL> show parameter password

------------------------------------ ----------- ----------
remote_login_passwordfile string EXCLUSIVE

3. Grant SYSRemote DBA or SYSOPER to users. When SYSRemote DBA or SYSOPER privileges are granted to a user, that user's name and privilege information are added to the password file.

SQL> grant sysRemote DBA to scott;

Grant succeeded.

4. Confirm that the user is listed in the password file.

SQL> select * from v$pwfile_users;

------------------------------ ------ -------

Now the user SCOTT can connect as SYSRemote DBA. Administrative users can be connected and authenticated to a local or remote database by using the SQL*Plus connect command. They must connect using their username and password, and with the AS SYSRemote DBA or AS SYSOPER clause:

SQL> connect scott/tiger as sysRemote DBA;

The Remote DBA utilizes the orapwd utility to grant SYSRemote DBA and SYSOPER privileges to other database users. The SYS password should never be shared and should be highly classified.


To learn more about these techniques, see the book "Advanced Oracle Utilities: The Definitive Reference". 

You can buy it directly from the publisher and get instant access to the code depot of utilities scripts.




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