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Oracle Tips by Burleson Consulting

In addition to OCI8 and PEAR DB, ADOdb is the third widely used method for accessing databases. It is modeled after Microsoft’s ADO and is available with Python, another extremely popular scripting language. Besides that, ADOdb is thoroughly checked and adjusted to PHP5. It is more actively maintained than PEAR DB, supporting things that PEAR DB does not such as dynamic cursors and binding with “OUT” parameters for PL/SQL procedures. In addition, there are many open source applications using ADOdb. ADOdb is released under GNU public license, also known as GPL, and can be used for free, which contributes to its recent popularity. More about GPL can be found at http://www.gnu.org.

Although PEAR is integrated with PHP and the basic PEAR modules are installed during the PHP installation itself, ADOdb needs to be downloaded and installed manually. ADOdb is available for download at http://adodb.sourceforge.net. The current version at the time of this writing (Christmas 2004) is 4.54.

ADOdb is presented as an alternative to PEAR and OCI8 because of the immense popularity of the original Microsoft’s ADO (Abstract Data Objects) as well as the versatility of the library itself.

What are the advantages of ADOdb over OCI8 and PEAR DB? ADOdb is much simpler to use than OCI8 and packs separate steps like parse, bind and execute into a single “execute” step. Although ADOdb is more complex than PEAR DB, it has the support for Oracle specific functionality, such as support for dynamic cursors, explicit support for LOB columns and support for “OUT” parameter binding (lacking in PEAR DB).  ADOdb was written with performance as one of the design goals. It can lessen the burden of the database server by caching the data locally, on the web server.

ADOdb, in contrast to PEAR DB, supports and throws exceptions, making error checking much easier. ADOdb, unlike PEAR DB, does not use positional binds; it uses named binds instead. By good design, the authors managed to hide the complexities and make named binds look very easy and natural.

This chapter contains the following sections:

  • Connecting to Oracle and Handling Errors.

  • Executing Queries and Handling Result Sets.

  • Prepare and Execute SQL and Binds.

  • Caching Logging and Making it Look Pretty.

  • Differences from PEAR and MS ADO.

  • Installation of ADOdb.

  • Conclusion

This chapter follows the philosophy of the whole book, with the installation section at the end, rather than the beginning. This format presents the opportunity to concentrate on the language itself and offers the reader a choice of whether to install ADOdb in the first place.

The organization of this chapter is identical to the organization of the chapters regarding the OCI8 and PEAR DB modules.


The above book excerpt is from  "Easy Oracle PHP: Creating Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data". 

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 50%-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts:



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