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SQL Server Remote DBA

BC Remote DBA is the USA's largest and most respected provider of Remote DBA services for SQL Server databases:


BC offers a complete suite of SQL Server database services from one-time SQL Server tuning to complete SQL Server administration and SQL Server emergency support.

BC SQL Server remote database administration offers these services:

  • Initial configuration review and problem identification
  • Installation of SQL Server statistics collection mechanisms and quarterly database growth summaries
  • Reporting and resolving all serious SQL Server alert log messages
  • Quick response emergency support for production database outages
  • Four hours of free Remote DBA support every month.  You can use these free hours for any Remote DBA activity, including database analysis, system design, production migrations or personal mentoring.
  • Hourly monitoring of your SQL Server database for pending problems
  • Periodic performance analysis & identification of tuning activities
  • Twenty Four hour SQL Server emergency support

All this, for only $1,400/month per database instance.

Additional SQL Server Remote DBA Services:

In addition to our Remote DBA support packages, BEI also offers complete SQL Server Remote DBA services, billed on a $150 per/hour basis.  These services include virtually every SQL Server task.

  • SQL Server database schema modifications
  • Database reorganizations and row re-sequencing for performance 
  • Migration of database objects
  • Windows and SQL Server user and security management
  • SQL Server data migrations and refreshing test databases
  • New database set-up and configuration
  • Set-up and installation of backup and recovery software
  • SQL Server disk architecture and disk load balancing
  • SQL Server SQL Tuning
  • SQL Server design reviews
  • Creation of SQL Server standby database and failover databases
  • Installing advanced replication
  • Implementing change control procedures 
  • Building self-tuning database mechanisms
  • Implementing new SQL Server database features



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