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Why is Remote DBA a wise choice?


There are many reasons to use Remote DBA services, and remote Oracle Remote DBA services are an attractive option. 

Expert Oracle Support - Inexperienced junior Oracle DBAs can be a costly option for corporate America. Oracle Corporation white papers suggest that more than 75% of all Oracle database outages are attributable to human error. Companies can avoid the potential downtime associated with human error by hiring the services of recognized Oracle Remote DBA experts.


High Availability of Oracle - With Remote DBA support you can be assured that your database is being supported by a competent professional who is thoroughly familiar with your database. With a full-time Remote DBA, high attrition has become a major problem. Large personnel companies have noted that the average Oracle Remote DBA can be expected to leave their current positions every four years. The most common reasons cited for leaving are boredom and the failure of the company to provide technical challenges.



Low Cost - With Remote DBA services, you buy only those Remote DBA services that you require, and only at the levels you require the service. Full-time Oracle Remote DBAs commonly cost over $80,000/year and require more than $5,000 in training per year to keep them current with the technology. Many corporations with stable Oracle databases cannot justify the costs of a full time Remote DBA. According to Computerworld Magazine, "These days, an Oracle database administrator -- any database administrator -- is worth his weight in gold".

Ensure Continuous Oracle Support - With the high attrition rate for Oracle professionals, the average time on any job is less than three years.  With Remote DBA support, you are guaranteed to have a certified Oracle Remote DBA constantly watching your databases.

No Loss of Institutional Knowledge - By using Remote DBA support, Oracle shops avoid the risk of loosing their confidential technology to competitors.  Even more important, you do not need to wait for weeks while a new Remote DBA becomes familiar with your databases.

Peace of Mind - With Remote Oracle Remote DBA support, you can rest assured that your Oracle databases are getting the best possible care.  This allows IT managers to focus on other important issues and maximize their productivity.

Taken together, these are all compelling reasons to utilize professional Remote Oracle Remote DBA support. Even the most concerned IT managers cannot guarantee that their Remote DBA staff will always be available for an unexpected Oracle outage.


 Click here to read Don Burleson's article detailing why Remote DBA has become a popular alternative to on-site DBA support.



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