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  SQL Server Remote DBA Support Plans & Prices

BC is a leading provider of SQL Server Remote DBA support with complete SQL Server monitoring and production support. BC has the most comprehensive SQL Server Remote Monitoring Alerts in the industry, and BC is the USA's oldest and largest Remote DBA provider.  We also offer  SQL Server Health Checks to ensure that your SQL database is performing at peak levels.
Don't trust your mission-critical SQL Server database to a beginner.  BC SQL experts can install and implement a full suite of predictive software to alert us before your end-users experience a loss of service.

SQL Server Client Requirements:

All clients must provide secure external access to their SQL Server database servers, either via dedicated dial-in or secure connections over the Internet. 

The client must agree to allow BC to pre-approve all production SQL Server database changes.  This includes changes to the server environment including all files and directories owned by SQL Server.

SQL Server Remote DBA Services:

Our remote SQL Server service provides 100% of the remote SQL Server database administration needs for your company, and includes 24x7 access to our staff of SQL Server support experts.

We require a 12 month service commitment and include the following SQL Server database support services:

  • Initial SQL Server configuration review
  • Installation of special SQL Server monitoring software
  • Hourly monitoring of your SQL Server database for pending problems
  • Periodic performance analysis
  • SQL Server Remote DBA Alerts
  • 24x7 SQL Server emergency support
  • Reporting and resolving all serious SQL Server errors
  • Quick response emergency support for production database outages
  • Four hours of free Remote DBA support every month.  You can use these free hours for any Remote DBA activity, including database analysis, system design, production migrations or personal mentoring.

All this, for only $1,400/month per SQL Server database.

SQL Server high availability and disaster recovery:

BC provides complete SQL Server Disaster Recovery support and implementation to guarantee high avauilability.

Disaster Recovery for SQL Server involves creating a “safe site” in a remote, geographically distributed location, called a “hot site”.  The MSSQL DBA will then use one of these approaches to keep the got site database synchronized with the master database:

  • Mirroring:  Database mirroring in SQL Server 2008 mirrors the transfer of transaction log updates directly from one server to another and can quickly failover to the standby server.
  • Windows clusters:  Windows Failover clustering uses the Windows OS and MS-SQL to provide hardware redundancy in case of a server failure.  If a Windows server becomes unavailable (blue screen of death, Windows hanging), clustering to resurrect the SQL Server database on a new server with has the footprint for the SQL server software, automatically mounting the MSSQL database files.
  • Log Shipping:  Backup log shipping copies the transaction logs to a remote server where they are applied to a copy of the production database that was created from a cold backup.  In the highly likely event of a Windows server failure, MS-SQL can redirect transactions to the standby server, which swaps out as the new production server.
  • Third party replication:  Tools such as Goldengate can write updates simultaneously to two SQL Server databases.

Multiple Database Discounts:

Leverage your investment!  BC offers discounts for clients who have substantially similar SQL Server databases in multiple environments.  An example of this would be a SQL database with multiple copies in a test, development, QA and production n environment. 

Additional SQL Server Remote DBA Services:

In addition to our Remote DBA support packages, BC also offers complete Remote DBA services, billed on an hourly basis, so you only pay for what you need.  These services include virtually every SQL Server task.

  • Database schema modifications
  • Database reorganizations and row re-sequencing for performance 
  • Migration of database objects
  • User and security management
  • Data migrations and refreshing test databases
  • Windows hardware and OS support
  • New database set-up and configuration
  • Set-up and installation of backup and recovery software
  • Disk architecture and disk load balancing
  • SQL Tuning
  • Schema design reviews
  • Installation of Clustering and disaster recovery
  • Installing replication
  • Implementing database change control procedures 
  • Implementing new database features

Need a health check?

  • Does your boss blame you for a performance problem?
  • Do you need to certify that your database is optimized?






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