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     Oracle: Run a SQL execution plan report

Run the plan9i.sql script and view the distribution of data access methods in your database. This script is the Oracle9i equivalent of the access.sql script in the Burleson book, and it will interrogate the library cache and produce a report showing all internal tables access methods.
In your database, you might want to “exercise” your personal database by running numerous queries against the pubs database.
Your output should look something like this:
SQL> @plan9i
Owner        # of SQL selects                                                  
------------ ----------------                                                   
SYS                       504                                                  
AURORA$JIS$U                8                                                  
SYSTEM                      6                                                  
PUBS                        4                                                  
Sat May 18                                                             page    1
                          Index range scans and counts
--------- -------------------- -------------------- ------------ ------------  
SYS       OBJ$                 I_OBJ2                        778          873  
SYS       ACCESS$              I_ACCESS1                     478          748  
SYS       DEPENDENCY$          I_DEPENDENCY1                 878          748  
SYS       IDL_SB4$             I_IDL_SB41                  1,103          413  
SYS       IDL_UB1$             I_IDL_UB11                 26,653          391  
SYS       IDL_CHAR$            I_IDL_CHAR1                   653          390  
SYS       IDL_UB2$             I_IDL_UB21                  2,503          390  
SYS       ARGUMENT$            I_ARGUMENT2                   828           90  
SYS       OBJAUTH$             I_OBJAUTH1                    131           36  
SYS       SYSAUTH$             I_SYSAUTH1                      6           21  
SYS       PROFILE$             I_PROFILE                       3           17  
11 rows selected.
Sat May 18                                                             page    1
                         Index unique scans and counts
OWNER     TABLE_NAME           INDEX_NAME              NBR_SCANS               
--------- -------------------- -------------------- ------------               
SYS       OBJ$                 I_OBJ1                        857               
SYS       C_OBJ#               I_OBJ#                        282               
SYS       JAVASNM$             I_JAVASNM1                    127               
SYS       PROCEDUREJAVA$       I_PROCEDUREJAVA$               74               
SYS       C_COBJ#              I_COBJ#                        72               
SYS       C_USER#              I_USER#                        64               
SYS       C_FILE#_BLOCK#       I_FILE#_BLOCK#                 56                
SYS       SMON_SCN_TO_TIME     SMON_SCN_TO_TIME_IDX           28               
SYS       SYN$                 I_SYN1                         17               
SYS       C_TS#                I_TS#                          13               
SYS       PROCEDURE$           I_PROCEDURE1                   13               
SYS       VIEW$                I_VIEW1                        12               
SYS       USER$                I_USER1                        11               
Script source:



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