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Aggregation and in-line views
Now, that we see how and line views allow us to put some select statements in the from clause of SQL, let’s take a look at how we might be able to use in and line view to solve a problem using SQL notation.
Referring to our pubs database, suppose that we had a need to compare the individual sales of books for each store with the total number of sales for all of the stores.
Without an in-line view, we would be required to create a temporary table to store the sum of sales for all of the stores:
drop table t1;
create table t1 as select sum(quantity) tot_qty from sales;
natural join
group by
Note the use of the “natural join” SQL operator here.  This alleviates the need to specify the join criteria for the tables in the where clause. The output of this SQL looks like this:
STORE_NAME                TOT_QTY_ALL_STORES  STORE_QTY                        
------------------------- ------------------ ----------                        
barnes and Noble                      110550       2180                         
blue ride booksellers                 110550       5400                        
books for dummies                     110550      13000                        
borders                               110550      21860                         
eaton books                           110550      12120                        
hot wet and sexy books                110550      24700                        
ignoramus and dufus                   110550       3610                        
quagmire books                        110550       7900                        
specialty bookstore                   110550       6080                        
wee bee books                         110550      13700   
Using the concept of in-line views, your assignment is to re-write this query as a single SQL statement.  This will involve moving the query that computes the sum of all sales into the from clause of the original query.
   sum(quantity) store_qty
natural join
   (select sum(quantity) tot_qty_all_stores from sales)
group by



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