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Create an abstract data type
Your assignments to create and abstract datatypes to represent a person's address, place this abstract datatypes within a table, and Reich where East against that table.
SQL> host notepad adt_def.sql
create or replace type address
as object
   street   char(20),
   city     char(20),
   state    char(2),
   zip      char(5)
Step 1 - Enter this type defection into your database.  Your output should look like this:
SQL> @adt_def
Type Created.
Step 2 - Create a table called test_adt with the following columns, and describe the new test_adt table:
SQL> host notepad adt_tab.sql
create table
   first_name        char(20),
   last_name         char(20),
   full_address      address
< this is a pop-up window?>
SQL> desc test_adt
 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- --------
 FIRST_NAME                                         CHAR(20)
 LAST_NAME                                          CHAR(20)
 FULL_ADDRESS                                       ADDRESS
Step 3: Insert five (5) rows into your test_adt table.  Here is a sample insert statement.  Copy this statement onto your computer and clone the line, creating five unique rows of your choosing.
insert into
   address('41 Cherise Ave.',
Step 4: Write a query against the test_adt table to display all of the rows.  Note the difference in the display of an ADT column from the display of a regular column in a traditional table.  E-mail the listing to your instructor.
Step 5 – Write a report to show only the last_name, zip, and city columns.  Hint, the following query will only display the street address:
   test_adt t
 Step 4:
Select * from test_adt;
FIRST_NAME           LAST_NAME                                                 
-------------------- --------------------                                      
FULL_ADDRESS(STREET, CITY, STATE, ZIP)                                         
Joe                  Palooka                                                   
ADDRESS('41 Cherise Ave.     ', 'Minot               ', 'ND', '66654')         
Mary                 Baker                                                     
ADDRESS('3341 Marv Ave.      ', 'Pietown             ', 'NM', '75643')         
Joe                  Smith                                                     
ADDRESS('8841 25st Ave.      ', 'Bismarck            ', 'ND', '66454')         
Sheana               West                                                      
ADDRESS('4455333 1st st.     ', 'HoHo                ', 'NV', '63344')         
Jenny                Salmon                                                    
ADDRESS('99272 Nutty Ave.    ', 'Wallpaper           ', 'NC', '88321')
Step 5:
   test_adt t

Note: These exercises may use the pubsdb.sql script that can be downloaded at this link.

For a complete overview of Oracle SQL, see the book "Easy Oracle SQL".  It's only $9.95 and has a downloadable code depot:


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