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Oracle Links

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Oracle-Corporate Sites:

Oracle9i documentation - This is the online Oracle docs

Oracle Documentation Center - A new site for docs

MetaLink - The place to go when things go wrong

Oracle Technet - Oracle Corporation technical forum

Oracle Magazine - Oracle's technical magazine

Oracle University - This is Oracle's education pages

Oracle Magazine Code Tips - Great tips from Oracle Magazine authors

Oracle9iAS Portal Center - Oracle's new eCommerce page

Oracle Press code depot - Lot's of great free code here


Independent Oracle Sites:

iDeveloper - Jeff Hunter's great Oracle site

Searchdatabase.com - A portal with lots of database information

Remote DBASupport.com - Lots of great Oracle tips here

Remote DBAZine - A great source of Oracle articles

Oracletuning.com - A good source for Oracle tuning information

OraFAQ - A nice source of Oracle information

Oracle-base.com - This is a great source of Oracle information

The Big O - Adrian Tupper's great collection of Oracle tips

Fast-Track - An Oracle Portal for

Guru Sites:

Steve Adams - Steve Adam's wonderful IXORA site for Oracle Internals

Jonathan Lewis - The UK top Oracle internals guru

Don Burleson - Great article archive

Ken Atkins - Great developer tips

Recommended tools:

TOAD - Everybody loves this great tool

SQL*XL - Gerard Linkers wonderful Excel-Oracle interface

STATSPACK Viewer - Alexey Danchenkov's great tool

Oracle Job Sites:

Dice - A great source for Oracle job hunters

Hotjobs - Some Oracle jobs here

OraJobs - Exclusively Oracle jobs

- Oraclejobs.com is a most interesting Oracle site!


Miscellaneous Oracle links:

Oracle Internals - Oracle Internals is the premier journal for senior Oracle professionals

Freshmeat.net - Lot's of Oracle-related tools and tips

Rhubarbs Oracle news links - A really great collection

Rhubarbs Oracle Links - The best Oracle links anywhere

Oracle Books - An Oracle-specific portal

Oracle.Pangia.nl - A great Oracle link collection

Robo Books International - Mike Ault's Oracle online book store

Rampant TechPress - Great Oracle books

Oracle User Groups:

International Oracle User Group

North Carolina Oracle Users Group

Eastern States Oracle Applications Users Group

Southeast Oracle Users Group

Rocky Mountain Oracle users Group

Charlotte NC Oracle users group

Georgia Oracle Users group

Virginia Oracle users group

Utah Oracle Users Group

Victoria Oracle Users Group

Ottawa Oracle Users Group

Indiana Oracle Users Group

Suncoast Oracle Users Group










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